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Support Those Who Support Creators! Solidarity Is How We Win!

Kickstarter management has recently come under fire for union busting after firing two employees involved in its ongoing effort to unionize under the name Kickstarter United.

Kickstarter has been instrumental to many creators, including PM Press and it’s authors, providing a platform to fund important works with the mission of improving the world around us.

We want to continue to use Kickstarter to help amplify important voices and to continue to publish books about race, equality, women’s rights, education, and more but Kickstarter’s senior management has not yet recognized the union even though Kickstarter United is prepared to demonstrate that they have majority support.

It is time to use OUR voice (and ask you to as well) to support those who have supported us.

Kickstarter: stop actively opposing unionization.Voluntarily recognize your workers’ demands to unionize.

We urge you all to reach out to Kickstarter’s senior leadership, demanding that the union be recognized.

[email protected]

Tweet at them (@kickstarter) expressing your support for Kickstarter United (KSRU). #RecognizeKSRU

Support those who support creators.

For more on how to support Kickstarter United, click HERE.

“Labor Unions are the leading force for democratization and progress.”—Noam Chomsky