scott crow on Rad Radio: March 11th, 2016

By Thorne Dreyer
Rag Radio
March 11th, 2016

Internationally known anarchist thinker, author, and activist scott crow is our guest on Rag Radio. scott is known for his work in direct action and civil disobedience, animal liberation, radical environmentalism, anti-globalization, and worker cooperatives. He was co-founder of the anarchist Common Ground Collective in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. scott, who lives in Austin, is also a filmmaker and a musician.

On the show we discuss what anarchism means to him and his vision of horizontal social organization, his experiences with coops and collectives, his alternatives to elections and voting, his books — including the critically-acclaimed “Black Flags and Windmills,” and “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams” — and his experiences with the FBI who proclaimed him a “domestic terrorist” and had him under almost daily surveillance for over a decade (as featured in a New York Times front page article).

scott has appeared frequently in international media, including The New York Times, Democracy Now, CNN, NPR, RT News, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Der Spiegel, and Vice, and in the political documentaries “Informant,” “Better this World,” and “Welcome to New Orleans.” He was the co-producer of the documentary film Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation (PM Press). scott was previously our guest on Rag Radio in August 2011 (  
For a decade scott was targeted for surveillance by the FBI as an alleged domestic terrorist threat without charges being brought. The New York Times characterized scott as an “anarchist, veteran organizer and an aficionado of civil disobedience”; the FBI noted in a memo that “…crow is a puppet master involved in direct action”; and NPR’s This American Life called him “a living legend among anarchists.” His website is

This show was originally broadcast during KOOP Radio’s Spring Membership Drive, and money pitches have been removed from the shorter version of the podcast.

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