Class, Race & Gender on My Labor Radio’s Podcast

In his most recent book, Michael Zweig compiles a lifetime of history studying the working class in America. This quick read is a top recommendation by so many progressive Labor leaders in this country as a helpful guide about where we began, to where we are going.

Class, Race, & Gender Challenging The Injuries & Divisions of Capitalisim brings us an in depth look at the intersection of all portions this abt title states, and more. The 45 minute conversation covers parts of the book but we also learn about other perspectives Michael has on important events and people in our collective American history. Other works and links to people we talked about in this interview are located below. 

You can purchase the book in many places, even from the publisher PM Press. We always recommend buying the book from a Union shop so we direct you to Powell’s Books in Portland. The employees are represented by ILWU local 5.

2023 – Class, Race, & Gender Challenging The Injuries & Divisions of Capitalism

2011 – Working Class Majority America’s Best Kept Secret (There are two editions of this book)

2004 – What’s Class Got To Do With It? American Society in the 21st Century 

1991 – Religion and Economic Justice 

Reverand Dr. William J. Barber II

Reverend  Dr. Liz Theoharris 

Jack O’Dell

Lewis F Powell Memo

Adam Smith – Wealth of Nations