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In Conversation: Neko Case and Jacinta Bunnell

July 18th, 2022

Listen in as they discuss old friendships, getting older, cloth adult diapers, Oldster Magazine, and more…

Neko Case and Jacinta Bunnell, old friends hanging out and talking about getting older, as you do… (Photo by Michael Asbill)

Readers, here’s a little treat for you: a *recorded conversation between singer-songwriter Neko Case and author/artist Jacinta Bunnell. Here they tell stories and talk about their experiences with getting older; their appreciation for their elders; keeping up with technology; the importance of learning from history; their decades-long friendship; and more.

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Some backstory Neko and Jacinta shared with me on their relationship:

Neko Case and Jacinta Bunnell met in 2001 at a Lynda Barry writing camp and fell in instant love while finding themselves laughing at each other’s stories of growing up broke and mischievous behavior born out of survival. They have established a new family holiday entitled “Christmaween” and celebrate it together every year. Together, Jacinta and Neko like to craft and concoct potions, drink herbal lemonade, take long philosophical walks, prepare for the end of patriarchy, and dare each other to eat carrot cake.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did! If you’d like, leave a comment about this conversation and anything it brought up for you, or about a long-standing friendship of your own, or…

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