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Discussion with Mic Crenshaw, host of the podcast series, It Did Happen Here

By David Rovics
March 28th, 2021

We spend the hour with hip-hop artist and Anti-Racist Action cofounder Mic Crenshaw, author of an upcoming book about Black skinheads on PM Press, and cohost of a fantastic new podcast series about the early days of ARA and related networks in the struggle against the far right, It Did Happen Here.

David is, as always, available for interviews, online concerts, etc.  You can email him at [email protected], or call or text him at +1 503 863 1177.Note to radio programmers:  If you’d like the album as a download, David will send files upon request to anyone who asks.  If you’re a programmer on terrestrial US radio, note that there are swear words that need to be bleeped in “To All the Jared Kushners of the World” as well as in “There’s Water On The Moon.”

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