PM Warehouse Behind the Scenes

January 2012

muscle men

Meet Dan. (He’s on the left). Dan Fedorenko is a shipping machine. When you need a book to stimulate you, he packs, ships and checks the invoice twice, like a more lithe and more schooled-in-thrash-metal Santa Clause. He meets your needs. 

Meet Joey. (He’s the other guy.) See Joey Paxman table. Table, Joey, table. Joey is a knowledgeable and charming gentleman and tabler who you will frequently see running tables for PM all over the West Coast. When not tabling, Joey is exploring the known limits of new interests and pushing past them, whether that is farming, drawing, sailing, or fishing. 

When these two powerhouses meet and are put into the relatively small space—that is, two different PM warehouses here in the San Francisco Bay Area—it makes for loads of work and creative breaks, as well as a rather appealing photo shoot opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining these ardent and indefatigable folks for inventory. The day was akin to walking up Lombard street (a long, winding, steep road for you non-locals) backwards. Muscles I don’t usually use were pulsating with heat, which on the one hand (and at the time) I really didn’t much mind considering how very cold a December night in a non-heated warehouse can be, while on the other I realized this sort of pulsing should not be felt immediately and that tomorrow I would be lucky if I were mistaken for a bow-legged cowboy while walking the dogs.

The day, besides physically trying, was pleasurable and extremely productive. Thanks to great company as well as fantastic neighbors in the warehouse space (more on this another time) we stayed alert, friendly and effective the whole ten bone-chilling hours

wv co bike

Meet Craig. (See motorcycle stand-in). Besides the California warehouses, we of course have our West Virginia base. Sadly, Craig, who braves the winters out there and runs a tight ship of a warehouse, looks like a motorcycle in the following photograph, because honestly, that is what we would call his totem, or happy place.

The following photographs are remnants of highlights from our day —from silly pranks, blowing off steam between long swathes of inventory, and the stimulating process of counting everything we own. Thanks for braving these adventures with us: we could not and would not do it without you. Cheers.

lickin the beaters torturing dan