King of The Football Factory: John King Interviewed on Litopia

The Football Factory

The secret history of British working class culture

John King will forever be recognized for his debut novel The Football Factory – an instant word-of-mouth success.  Heralded as a ‘state of the nation’ novel by some reviewers, others criticized its aversion to political correctness.

Football fans and the wider public made it a best-seller, with more than 250,000 copies sold in the UK to date.  Filmed by director Nick Love, starring Danny Dyer and Dudley Sutton, the presence of a number of known Chelsea hooligans among the film’s extras caused great excitement in the media.

Join us for a fascinating conversation between Garry and John, whose interests are far and wide… football (obviously), music (of course) but also John’s publishing company, London Books, which is dedicated to both today’s emerging authors and the marginalized fiction of London’s forgotten working-class writing.

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