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Join us, not just in keeping the avenues to radical ideas and solutions alive, but in expanding them.

There are any number of ways you can get involved but they are easily broken down into two main categories: financial and time.

We hate to put this first, but there are huge costs involved in getting each and every book out into the world. Even the smallest book we publish averages about $10,000 to produce. We are working hard to support the authors, editors and designers, cover shipping costs, and pay our printers on time. All of this takes cash.

Become a Friend of PM Press

By becoming a Friend of PM, not only do you treat yourself to the luxury of getting everything we produce delivered to your door, you also ensure a source of income that we can count on every month. Apart from a million-dollar check, there is nothing on earth more vital for us to continue.

If you haven’t tried out our Friends of PM Book Club, now’s a great time to support independent, radical publishing. You’ll get a monthly package of new releases plus 50% off everything on our webstore. We have a few book club options, as well as sustainer options. If you pay two years in advance, for example, it’s only $20 per month! See all options.

Order discount books for your book club/organization/trade union/political group/infoshop/lending library

If you buy from us in bulk, we will give you a discount, and honestly, nothing would please us more than to know our books are being read and discussed! Just send us an email at [email protected]

Donate your time…

In 5 minutes you can:

Get us into your library

Libraries buy books and make them available to everyone for free. What could be better then that? Talk to your local librarian, make a new friend, and get some great literature into the hands of the masses. Email us at [email protected] to get a catalog.

Share on social media

For better or worse, we’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Until the tech bubble bursts, use them to let your friends know about PM Press!

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Write a review

Word of mouth is what sells books, so post on Amazon, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Goodreads…anywhere you can think of! Just remember, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all! But we pride ourselves on the quality of what we publish, and so we don’t think finding nice things to say will be difficult.

In a day (or more) you can:


If you have skills in photography, graphic design, shooting and editing video, editing, or publicity, we could really use your help! And there’s all that logistical stuff at events. And there’s the need for good conversation and someone to cover the tables at book fairs while we take a bathroom break. In fact, there’s a load of things that have to get done, and as all the paid staff at PM started as volunteers, we know the value of your time. So if you’re interested, get in touch at [email protected]!


We are always looking for motivated people who love books, want to learn more about independent and radical publishing, and wish to help us destroy capitalism and the state. We only have in-person Internship opportunities in Upstate New York. Learn about our limited opportunities here.

Sell our stuff

We take pride in the number of events, conventions, concerts, and book fairs we table. After all, we’re not just in this to sell books, but to distribute knowledge and ideas as widely as possible. We travel widely and have folks in the Bay Area, Montana, New York, Massachusetts, in the UK, and beyond. But that leaves a lot of space on the map to be covered! So get in touch for more details at [email protected].

Hold an event

Books become alive when they are read, enjoyed, and discussed. Our authors are happy to talk about their ideas. And we’re happy to talk to you about setting up a house party, bookstore reading, author panel…just get in touch at [email protected].

Anything we’ve forgotten? This is a pretty exhaustive list, but we’re sure there’s more. Email us with ideas at [email protected]!