Friends of PM Press Book Club

If you haven’t tried out our Friends of PM Book Club, now’s a great time to support independent, radical publishing. You’ll get a monthly package of new releases plus 50% off everything on our webstore. We even have a number of book club options, to fit your lifestyle and needs.

See all options in our webstore and FAQ below.

If you just want to support the cause, become a Sustainer for just $5 to $100 per month. All Sustainers save 50% on any webstore purchases, but you won’t get the monthly package. You get to choose from over 450 backlist titles and monthly new releases.

If you sign up as a Sustainer today, you’ll get a free PM Press union-made shirt.

Choose from the following options:

Print plus: For $30 a month* get all books and pamphlets printed each month and 50% off all webstore purchases. Sign up today and receive a free PM Press logo T-shirt!

e-Book subscription: For those of you who don’t want tactile products (or can’t stand international shipping costs), we have an eBooks FOPM membership for $15 a month. Members receive three recent eBooks via email each month plus a 50% discount on all purchases from our website.

Gift subscription: In addition to your own subscription, sign up a friend for only $25 a month. Sign up a second friend for only $20 a month

Pay in advance: Pay for a full-year subscription up front and you only pay $25 a month ($300 for one year). Pay for two years up front for only $20 a month ($480 for two years). 

Sustainer: Short on cash or out of shelf space? Become a sustainer today! $100, $50, $15, $10, or $5 each month and you’ll receive a free PM Press logo T-shirt and 50% discount on all webstore purchases.

*Please note: For gift subscriptions or for those of you fortunate enough to live beyond the borders of Trumplandia, please call 510-658-3906 or email [email protected].

How Does it all Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

C’mon, what’s the catch!? Hidden fees? This sounds too good to be true.

There’s no catch. We bill your card each month and send you a large package of new books. Period. There are no hidden fees and you can cancel your subscription anytime. You can also choose to pay for a year in advance to lower your subscription fee. Oh, and we also cover all shipping costs and all applicable sales tax. 

How many books will I receive each month and do I get to choose my books? 

Some months it might be two books; others four. We publish around 35-40 titles per year, and each month, you’ll get a package with everything new that has come out that month. By subscribing, you’re already choosing to get everything new that appears. And as a subscriber, you’re also entitled to a 50% discount on all of our already-published titles and everything else on our website, including CDs, DVDs, and stylish apparel. 

I’m starting a radical library at our local community space. Can the library join the Friends of PM Book Club? Can we resell the books? 

Absolutely! Sign up your radical library, local café, punk house, record store, or any other community space. A Friends of PM subscription is probably the cheapest and easiest way to stock any bookcase. You can’t beat a package of new books for such an incredibly low price. Additionally, you can use your Friends of PM discount to receive 50% off at our webstore.