London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction: A Review

London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction

by Don Dammassa
February 24, 2012

Michael Moorcock has had a distinguished career as both writer – Elric and many others – and editor, New Worlds. Somehow despite his very large output of fiction, he found time to write quite a body of nonfiction, much of which is collected here. They range over the breadth of his career and several have not been previously published. Although he is largely associated with SF and fantasy, the topics here are much more varied, including reviews and commentary on music, mainstream books, early and recent fantastic fiction, as well as political commentaries and miscellaneous subjects. Many of them are quite outspoken – Moorcock makes no effort to sugarcoat his indictments of what he perceives as silly, evil, or stupid, and he finds plenty of it to point his metaphorical fingers. There are a lot of different pieces here, more than sixty, and while I didn’t find them all equally interesting, they are all well written, witty, and straightforward. One of the most entertaining collections of essays I’ve read recently.

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