Girl Gangs, Biker Boys and Real Cool Cats in Crimetime UK

by Maxim Jakubowski
Crimetime UK
January 27th, 2018


An indispensable collection of essays and articles about the golden years of paperback originals, this lavishly-illustrated compendium, worth it for the iconography alone, not only provides hitherto unavailable information about both mysterious, forgotten authors but also invaluable information on some of the pseudonyms who freely invested the paperback, genre jungle which was at the essence of postwar pulp fiction phenomenon. Examining stories of bikers, skinheads, hippies, sleuths, sex cults and a whole assortment of downright odd inhabitants of the many genres that bloomed briefly before disappearing to become collectibles, this is not just a resource but a fascinating read. It even sheds light on Jane Gallion, the obscure Essex House author of which so little was known, and the pseudonymous production of many writers now better known under their own name, and confirms there are still treasures to be discovered in those paperback treasures of yesteryear . A collection to be dipped in again and again.

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