scott crow and Change

The Brilliant
April 16th, 2018

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Scott Crow has been a good friend for nearly a decade (!!!). We agree on almost nothing except on how to disagree. As a grown adult I’ve probably had the longest conversations on record with Scott. We are both talkers. We both have a bit too much pride in our ability to convince people by using our words. I’m not sure we ever consider ourselves convinced, or convincable, by others. We power on.

Anyway, this conversation rotates around the axis of social change. Scott is a well known “social changer” and I am not. I am largely critical of the way social changers minds work but there is something there. Something I still desire, even though I hate the whens and wheres in the here in now. How can we think about big change without hope in it? In this episode, and as a way to introduce anarchism in 2018, Scott and I try.

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