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Loving the Library (Play List)

By G.H. Mosson

My kids and I hang out at least one day each weekend in a library.  Why?  We like the books, the information, the peacefulness, desks, nooks, shelves, new things, ideas in book titles (well, that’s me), kids books (that’s them), kids computers (them again), and of course, being in public in a positive environment. 

I thought libraries faced trouble in our electronic Internet era.  At least where I live, libraries have adapted and adopted.  I’ve enjoyed checking out CDs, DVDs, and books from my local library, as well as seeing the display items about what is new and recommended each week we go.

Books: I am just starting The Climate Swerve by Robert Jay Lifton, a longtime anti-nuclear journalist and theorist. He’s looking at climate change from a psychological and historical perspective.  What does it mean to face extinction consciously, and what do 20th Century encounters with such justified fears due to nuclear weapons, Agent Orange, acid rain, teach us about climate change and mentally a “climate swerve”?  That is what Lifton tackles.

I just finished a biography of the Ancient Carthagian general Hannibal by Patrick N. Hunt (Simon Schuster 2017).  Mr. Hunt is an adverturist classist; he walked Hannibal’s route around 220-205 B.C. with war elephants from Spain over the Alps into Italy – but Hannibal could never sack Rome.  How wealthy we are as a community and people with these shared, cherished available resources.

CDs: I’ve made some great finds via live albums at the library: Bonnie Raitt: Angel from Montgomery (Laser Media, 1976 Broadcast) (heartful witty blues-country); Patti Smith: Wicked Messenger (Zip City, 1996 Broadcast) (passionate, inspiring), Leonard Cohen: Live in London (Sony 2009) (amazing).  There’s more.  I can’t wait to find more too.  This list goes on.  Call this blog post, Ode to a Library, my local one.

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