N.O. Bonzo

N.O. Bonzo

N.O. Bonzo is an anarchist illustrator, printmaker, and muralist based out of Portland, OR. They are the illustrator of Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution (PM Press, Spring 2021). More of their work can be found at www.nobonzo.com. Be sure to check out their etsy page HERE.

Beneath the Pavement the Garden: An Anarchist Coloring Book for All Ages

SKU: 9798887440040
Illustrator: N.O. Bonzo
Series: PM Press
ISBN: 9798887440040
Published: 04/04/2023
Format: epub & PDF
Size: 8.5×11
Pages: 24
Subjects: Coloring Books/Anarchism

Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution

Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution

SKU: 9781629638744
Contributors: Peter Kropotkin • Illustrated by N.O. Bonzo • Introduction by David Graeber & Andrej Grubacic • Foreword by Ruth Kinna • Postscript by GATS • Afterword by Allan Antliff
Series: PM Press/Kairos
ISBN: 9781629638744/9781629638751
Published: 9/2021
Format: Paperback/Hardcover
Size: 8.5×11
Pages: 336
Subjects: Anarchism


“N.O. Bonzo has created a rare document, updating Kropotkin’s anarchist classic Mutual Aid, by intertwining compelling imagery with an updated text. Filled with illustrious examples, their art gives the words and histories, past and present, resonance for new generations to seed flowers of cooperation to push through the concrete of resistance to show liberatory possibilities for collective futures.”
—scott crow, author of Black Flags and Windmills and Setting Sights

“Taking aim at both Social Darwinists and Romantic dreamers, Kropotkin’s classic text makes plain that the promise of liberation arises from our collective instinct to cooperate. In this new edition, lovingly illuminated by N.O. Bonzo, we can see the powerful amplifying effect of mutual aid firsthand.”
—AK Thompson, author of Black Bloc, White Riot

“The turn of the century world that inspired Kropotkin to write Mutual Aid may seem very distant to the readers of the 21st century. Yet the principles of reciprocal support that he and his comrades advocated have taken on a new significance in our era of austerity, isolation, climate crisis, and pandemic. With a fantastic stroke of transhistorical artistic wizardry, N.O. Bonzo simultaneously conjures up and re-imagines the visionary aesthetics of the early twentieth century anarchist movement to make Kropotkin’s appeal for cooperation feel as urgent as ever.”
—Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook and co-editor of Anarchist Education and the Modern School: A Francisco Ferrer Reader

“The illustrations in this new edition of Mutual Aid do justice to Kropotkin the polymath and to his magnum opus.”
—Lee Dugatkin, author of The Prince of Evolution

“This version of Mutual Aid beautifully illustrates what ‘mutual aid’ is all about! The cooperation evident on the pages between Kropotkin and N.O. Bonzo illuminates that the more we mutually support each other, the more we not only survive but also thrive—and soar to new heights of care and solidarity.”
—Cindy Milstein, coauthor of Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism

Off with Their Heads: An Antifascist Coloring Book for Adults of All Ages

Off with Their Heads: An Antifascist Coloring Book for Adults of All Ages

SKU: 9781629638591
Illustrator: N.O. Bonzo
Series: PM Press
ISBN: 9781629638591
Published: 06/2020
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5×11
Pages: 24
Subjects: Coloring Books/Antifascism

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