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“All Power to the Imagination” ft. N.O. Bonzo on Coffee with Comrades

Coffee with Comrades
July 11th, 2021

I recently caught up with the anarchist street artist, printmaker, and graphic designer NO Bonzo, a Portland-based illustrator who’s been working on PM Press’s forthcoming Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution, Pyotr Kropotkin’s seminal work on evolution, politics, and economics. The book is absolutely brilliant, you’ve never seen an edition of Kropotkin’s magnum opus like this before. And, yes, Mutual Aid is his best work, not the Bread Book.

Fight me, theory nerds.

Bonzo and I had an absolutely lovely conversation ranging from me gushing over their work to us discussing art as praxis to the themes and inspirations behind their art to me gushing over their work more. There’s a lot of me geeking out over how sick their stuff is. If you’ve frequented any lefty meme pages on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Bonzo’s work floating around before. If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with their aesthetic, you should definitely give it a peep before listening to this episode just because it’ll provide a bit more context for our discussion.