ARMED LOVE 9 – Be Gay, Do Crime w/ Lola Mieseroff

The Antifada

Ex-Militant of the Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action (FHAR) Lola Mieseroff is our guest on this installment of the Antifada sideproject on the revolutionary culture of the sixties. We talk about growing up in gay South France in the sixties, her experience in May ’68 and after, the resonance of Stonewall, what it meant to be a pro-situ and her run-in, with Debord, the revolutionary politics of homosexuality and queerness, her relationship with Guy Hocquenhghem and the rest of the revolutionary left, and her perspectives on the queer revolutionary movements today, right-wing reaction, the potential of revolution in these bleak times, and the phrase “Be Gay, Do Crime”

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