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The Subhumans & Punk Historiography with Ian Glasper on Minor Compositions

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Minor Compositions Podcast Episode 12: The Subhumans & Punk Historiography with Ian Glasper

For this episode we talk with Ian Glasper about his book Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years of Subhumans. In the conversation we cover broader issues of ‘punk historiography’ and documenting more marginal musical, artistic, and political milieus that one is a part of (rather than falling on or relying about existing dominant narratives). Ian has ben writing about punk since starting his first zine in 1986, switching to writing books in the early 2000s as he grew increasingly frustrated that existing histories of punk tended to focus on the best known and most visible artists, completely neglecting the much wider and vibrant array of bands and musics.

Bio: Ian Glasper is the author of numerous books on the history of punk including Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980-1984 (2004), The Day The Country Died: A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980 – 1984 (2006), Trapped In A Scene: UK Hardcore 1985 – 1989 (2009), and Armed With Anger: How UK Punk Survived The Nineties (2012).

Opening / outro music: The Subhumans, “All Gone Dark” (intro) and “From the Cradle to the Grave” (outro)

E12 – The Subhumans & Punk Historiography with Ian Glasper