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Waxing Full Moon Enthuso Anarcho— Charles Allison talks Nestor Makhno

By Caroline Casey
Visionary Activist Show
June 29, 2023

Waxing Full Moon enthuso anarcho woofing with Charles Allison biographer of Ukrainian anarchist leader Nestor Makhno, that we tease the dedicated vision, and myriad befoiblements of anarchist revolution into guiding pertinence, with special honoring of Kropotkin and “Mutual Aid” in resonating relevance.

Charlie Allison is an anarchist writer, storyteller, and activist who lives in Philadelphia. Most of his days are spent in freelance editing, agitating, writing, consulting and giving tours of the city. He has written blogs for PM PRESS, alternate history speculation at Sea Lion Press, short fantasy fiction at Pickman’s Press, Podcastle, The Stone Coast Review, Ellipsis Zine and many other fine literary establishments.


Author Page:

Political Cartoon Charlie referenced in the episode:

“The caption says (in my mangled Russian/Ukrainian) UKRAINIAN PEASANT: “So you want bread? Take these/Choke on this!” or something to that effect. The captions in colin darch’s book on Makhno identify this figure as Pugachev, as I think does Avrich’s collection of documents on anarchists in the russian civil war, as does the link where I got this image identify it as taken from Arshinov/Pugachev.” — Charlie Allison