Free Peppy and Krystal! Free Em All!

In the early hours of May 19th, heavily armed agents raided the home of two long-term Pittsburgh activists, Brian “Peppy” DiPippa and Krystal DiPippa. Nearly a month and a half later they were both federally indicted on charges stemming from a demonstration against a University of Pittsburgh sanctioned event promoting transphobic hate speech. On June 30th, they both surrendered to the court with Krystal being released the same day, but Peppy remains in pre-trial detention. The raid, and their arrests are a part of a larger framework of repression by federal agents, working in tandem with local law enforcement, against community resistance.

Peppy and Krystal are exceptional and caring humans. For decades they have been active participants in solidarity with oppressed and marginalized people.

Their tireless advocacy and community building has put them in the crosshairs of state repression. They will both undoubtedly face a long and arduous court process in the months, if not years, ahead and will need a variety of care, support and compassion. Today they need our support.

We invite you to check this website to find updates on how to support them and to get updates on the case.