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Michael Moorcock returns to Elric with the long-awaited Citadel of Forgotten Myths!

Legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock returns to Forbidden Planet TV to chat with Andrew Sumner about speaking up for chaos and the upcoming October publication of his long-awaited Elric novel, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths, Mike’s first new Elric tale for 12 years (since the publication of his Black Petals novella in 2010). Moorcock and Sumner chat about the genesis and themes of Mike’s new novel – and stop along the way to discuss Titan Comics’ beautiful remastered archive edition of master artist P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of Stormbringer, to compare notes about their experiences of working at IPC and chat about a variety of other subjects, including the value of discretion and the impossibility of finding a decent English Sunday roast dinner in Texas.