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Turning Silence Into Song: The Music of Leon Rosselson (Online Concert)

Leon Rosselson has been turning silence into song for six decades, creating a sound track for unsung heroes and unspeakable scoundrels. The People’s Music Network is celebrating Leon’s lifetime of work with a live online concert featuring an international lineup of musical luminaries — including Leon himself — singing his songs and reflecting on how his music has made a difference in struggles for justice and peace. The concert is totally free to the public through the YouTube livestream. By registering for the concert, people can help support PMN’s year round work of presenting workshops, conferences, and songswaps, while also getting the Zoom link for the show, which is a somewhat different viewing experience. JOIN US ON ZOOM You will receive the Zoom Meeting info as soon as you register for the event through the PMN website with any contribution to People’s Music Network of $2 or more. Registration isn’t required to tune in to this free livestream, but when you register, you get an automatic reminder about the show with the option to tune in via Zoom. Register here: PROGRAM Each artist will perform a song written by Leon Rosselson. For more information on them and their recordings, see their websites: 1) Nancy Kerr “Harry’s Gone Fishing” (UK) 2) Leon Rosselson “My Father’s Jewish World” (UK) 3) Dean Stevens “The Ant and the Grasshopper” (US) 4) Janet Russell “All That Is Different” (UK) 5) Barbara Dane, Testimonial, (US) 6) Robb Johnson “On Her Silver Jubilee” (UK) 7) Elijah Wald “We Sell Everything” (US) 8) Sandra Kerr “My Daughter My Son” (UK) 9) Reem Kelani “Song of the Olive Tree” (UK) 10) Charlie King “Whoever Invented the Fish Finger” (US) 11) Russ Chandler “The Voice That Lives Inside You” (UK) 12) Martin Simpson “Palaces of Gold” (UK) 13) Ramsey Kanaan, Testimonial (US) 14) Rick Burkhardt “The Poet, the Wife and the Monkey” (US) 15) Chris Foster “Who reaps the Profit?” (Iceland) 17) Frankie Armstrong “Voices” (UK) 18) Billy Bragg “The World Turned Upside Down” (UK)

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