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A Radical Project: Stories of the Underground

Mapping the diverse world of resistance

Hello, I am Jason Bayless. I started the website A Radical Guide,  a site that offers listings of historical and current locations, people, and places of interest highlighting the diverse world of resistance that is focused on creating a better world for all. A world that is not rooted in capitalism, competition, white supremacy, and hierarchy.

Thanks to all the contributors around the globe, A Radical Guide has more than 1000 locations worldwide and continues to grow. The site was created so folks that are globally working to create a better world could find each other, be in conversation to learn from each other, and collectively contribute to creating a better world together.

A Radical Guide will continue this work by expanding how we connect people by documenting the stories that spotlight what people are doing to contribute to the diverse world of resistance.

By supporting this campaign, you will be helping us make these stories come to life and inspire others to do the same.

This project will produce two types of content and support.

  • A Radical Guide will seek out and partner with groups and individuals to document their work and share their stories through video.
  • A Radical Guide will work with groups who produce live events, such as anarchist book fairs, panel discussions, etc to help them record their events and broadcast them live to an audience who cannot attend in person.

A Radical Guide has connected with individuals and groups from around the world. These connections have given us the privilege to produce a wide range of videos for other groups. For example, Kickstarter/Crowdfunding campaigns, documented and recorded videos for events, hosted online panels in partnership with other collectives, interviewed collectives, and individuals about their projects, and contributed to a call of solidarity

 [See Past Video Projects section below and/or visit A Radical History for a complete look at the journey of A Radical Guide.]

To better serve the global collective, we need to upgrade equipment. This equipment will allow A Radical Guide to record and capture high-quality video/audio and broadcast live when we are on-location, even when a stable internet signal is not available, which is very common due to the lack of infrastructure or access.

We can’t do this alone and your contribution will help expand the work that is happening through A Radical Guide.

The Breakdown:

  • YoloBox Pro An All-In-One Multi-Cam Live Streaming & Switching System – $1300
  • LiveU Solo Bonded Signal for Live Streaming $1000
  • Two 4k Cameras $1000
  • Two 50000mAh Power Bank  $260

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Share this campaign with your network, help get the word out.
  • If A Radical Guide has partnered with you, share your story and experience in the discussion section on this campaign page, social media, or email it to A Radical Guide and we will post it in this campaign.