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Lockdowns, the Insurgent Far-Right & the Future of Antifascism: A Conversation with Three Way Fight

Matthew N. Lyons on It’s Going Down

By It’s Going Down

photo via: @R3volutionDaddy

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with two people involved in Three Way Fight, a revolutionary antifascist theory project that has grown out of antifascist research and organizing in decades past. We discuss the recent events in Salem, Oregon, where members of far-Right and neo-fascist groups attempted to storm the state capitol in opposition to lockdown measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We then discuss Proud Boy violence in DC, Trump’s recent comments that upcoming demonstrations on January 6th will be “wild,” the push by some of his advisors to declare “partial martial law,” and finally the challenges faced by revolutionary antifascists in the current period: both in terms of confronting the far-Right, but more broadly the need to address the conditions and realities that are bringing so many angry working people into ongoing far-Right formations and protests.

With deaths caused by the coronavirus continuing to grow and Trump showing no signs of backing down or going away, this hard look at the current terrain offers much needed reflection and discussion on hard topics and subjects people are dealing with both in big cities and in rural areas.

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