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Kanahus Manuel, Gord Hill & Enāēmaehkiw Kesīqnaeh on Indigenous Action Podcast

By Indigenous Action Podcast

In this broadcast hosts Bonn, Anthony, and Klee talk with Kanahus Manuel, Gord Hill & Enāēmaehkiw Kesīqnaeh about Land Back, lessons from the front-lines, & Indigenous Anti-Fascism.

Kanahus Manuel
is an indigenous activist, birth keeper, and a member of the activist group Tiny House Warriors. Manuel is a Secwepemc and Ktunaxa mother of four Freedom Babies, children raised in the spirit of decolonization and free from the regulations of the Canadian federal and provincial governments. More info & support:

Gord Hill is an Indigenous writer, artist and activist of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation. He is the author and illustrator of The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Comic Book, The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book, and The Antifa Comic Book (all three published by Arsenal Pulp Press in Vancouver, Canada), as well as the author of the book 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance, published by AK Press in Oakland, California. His art and writings have also been published in numerous periodicals, including Briarpatch, Canadian Dimension, Redwire, Red Rising Magazine, The Dominion, Recherches Amerindiennes au Quebec, Intotemak, Seattle Weekly, and Broken Pencil. More info & support:

Rowland “Ena͞emaehkiw” Keshena Robinson is a Menominee (through his mother) who grew up in Bermuda (through his father), on the outer fringes of the anglo-caribbean, and currently live and work in the Gdoo-Naaganinaa Territory: the traditional lands of the Attiwonderon, Anishinaabeg, Rotinonshón:ni and Wyandot Peoples, also known as so-called “southern Ontario.” He has lived in this region off-and-on for most of his adult life, where he has been involved in Palestinian and Black community solidarity work, as well as various Native community works and projects. Blog:

Bonn, Anthony, and Klee

About the podcast:  Welcome to Indigenous Action where we dig deep into critical issues impacting our communities throughout Occupied America/Turtle Island. This is an autonomous anti-colonial broadcast with unapologetic and claws-out analysis towards total liberation.  So take your seat by this fire and may the bridges we burn together, light our way.

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