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Union Strategies Outside of the Box— Angry Workers and Gabriel Kuhn

By SAC Syndikalisterna
2020 Nordic Labour Film Festival

How should militant union activists deal with the obstacles that bureaucratic unions many times pose? In Sweden, the main oppositional strategy is to form an independent organization, often within the syndicalist SAC. But are there alternatives to the syndicalist strategy?

In this talk we meet representatives for three groups that have chosen completely different ways of organizing, both within and outside of the main unions. Angry Workers is a London based project inspired by workers inquiry. The group has placed itself in the middle of working class reality in order to find a way forward together with workers without imposing preconceived ideas on them. The German group Gewerkschaftslinke is a network of oppositional activists that work within the main unions. Restaurant Opportunities Center United is not a union, but supports restaurant workers self organising and raising demands.

Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Subtitles: Swedish
Participants: Angry Workers. Gewerkschaftslinke. Restaurant Opportunities Center United. Gabriel Kuhn from the international committee of the SAC (Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden) will moderate the talk

Check out Gabriel Kuhn’s Author Page HERE