Nisi Shawl’s Talk Like a Man in True Review

By Andy Andrews
True Review
September 2020

I find Nisi Shawl’s writing intriguing and satisfying on many levels. And all that, plus more, awaits readers of TALK LIKE A MAN Plus.

“Women of the Doll.” This tale introduces Josette, who brings an assortment of very real, very alive voodoo-like dolls to life, even if they spend much of their time simply taking up space in Josette’s pocketbook. But Josette has many more ambitions, and spells, to cast using the powers of the dolls themselves.

“An Awfully Big Adventure.” A woman diagnosed with breast cancer reveals her trepidation and casual indifference to her somewhat surreal treatments and experience.

“Ifa: Reverence, Science and Social Technology.” Shawl practices her own beliefs in a West African religion called “Ifa.” Shawl insists that there be absolutely no “wall” between science and religion, and that both are proper for each other and can be served well in science fiction. The two are not antagonistic or mutually exclusive. They can help readers understand each other and are useful tools for exploring a variety of societal concepts.

Included in this assemblage is a surprisingly good question-and-answer interview with the author, conducted by Terry Bisson.

Talk Like a Man

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