Nisi Shawl

Nisi Shawl

Nisi Shawl is an African American writer, editor, and journalist. They are best known for their science fiction and fantasy stories and novels dealing with race, gender, and sexual orientation. They live in Seattle, where they also write on political and cultural matters for the Seattle Times. Shawl is the author of the steampunk-flavored alternate history of the “Belgian” Congo, Everfair, as well as the Tiptree/Otherwise Award–winning story collection Filter House. Shawl has also edited and coedited many anthologies, including New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color. Check out Nisi’s website HERE. Support them on Patreon HERE. You can find more of Nisi’s writings HERE

Talk Like a Man

Talk like a Man

Author: Nisi Shawl
Publisher: PM Press/ Outspoken Authors
ISBN: 978-1-62963-711-2
Published: 11/2019
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 7.5
Page count: 128
Subjects: Science Fiction/Alternate History


“Shawl’s keen sense of justice and her adamant anticolonialism always ride just beneath the surface of her stories. Never didactic, Shawl possesses the gift of a true storyteller: the ability to let the warp and weft of plot and character do her moral work for her.”
—Brian Charles Clark in Curled Up with a Good Book

“A talented and distinctive voice.”
—Daniel Haeusser of The Skiffy and Fanty Show

“Nisi Shawl tells stories as if she has just awakened from a vivid and terrifying dream, and she’s intent on relating its details.”
Seattle Times

“Shawl is brilliant.”
—Amal el-Mohtar on NPR

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