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Why do we wait? On the revolutionary potential of death and grief.— Cindy Milstein on This is Hell

This is Hell
November 4th, 2017

Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism

How do we continually create as many spaces of care and community as we can, and keep them alive as long as we can? And when they get torn apart for a variety of reasons – because someone dies, because our projects fall apart as radicals – how do we, during those moments, do the best we can to show there are beacons to come back to? And when they end, how do we figure out ways to grieve them well, so we’re stronger to go on to the next one?

Writer Cindy Milstein explains how death and grief connect us to the collective nature of the human experience, revealing the potential for solidarity and compassion in the face of capitalism’s commodification of the self, and showing us a new way of living together, right now, while we still have the time.

Cindy Milstein is the author of Anarchism and Its Aspirations (AK Press, 2010), and has contributed essays to anthologies such as Realizing the Impossible (AK Press, 2007) and Globalize Liberation (City Lights, 2003). She is an Institute for Anarchist Studies board member, and has been involved in collective projects ranging from Black Sheep Books to the Hope from People, Not Presidents campaign, from the New World from Below convergence to the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference. She resides in San Francisco.

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