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Puerto Rico Colonialism Is the Virus MayDay 2020

By Matt Meyer

Featuring in order of appearance: Dave Lippman (two songs, including “Ciao, Viral System – to the tune of Bella Ciao – written especially for People’s Strike 2020), Bev Grant & the Human Condition with Frank Negron (song), Matt Meyer (Resistance in Brooklyn, host), Dr. Fernando Cabanillas (first Puerto Rican MD to diagnose, treat and organize around COVID-19), Raquela DelaLuna Delgado-Valentin (grassroots women’s, human rights and decolonization activist), Luis Rosa Perez (former political prisoner and international human rights organizer), Oscar Lopez Rivera (former Puerto Rican political prisoner, widely referred to as “the Mandela of the Americas”), and Himno Revolucionario de Puerto Rico (closing song: La Borinquena)

Matt Meyer is a New York City–based educator, organizer, and author who serves as War Resisters’ International Africa Support Network Coordinator, and who represents the International Peace Research Association at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. A former draft registration resister, Meyer’s extensive human rights work has included support for all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, solidarity with Puerto Rico and the Black Liberation Movement, and board membership on the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute.

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