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Women’s Poetry + Prose for a People’s Strike: Roses & Bread at 25! with Silvia Federici

By Matt Meyer

An inter-generational, inter-cultural coalition of women artists celebrate May Day 2020 and the People’s Strike, as well as the 25th Anniversary of the annual (usually in-person!) Roses and Bread poetry and prose event. Featuring (in order of appearance): Eco-socialist Hip Hop artist Nejma Nefertiti (poetry and prose), Meg Starr (Roses & Bread/Resistance in Brooklyn, host), Sonia Sanchez (poetry), Liz Roberts (RnB, poetry), dequi kioni-sadiki (Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, poetry + prose), Cheryl Wright (Roses, poetry), Silvia Federici (on women, work and putting COVID-19 in context), Bev Grant (song), and Magdelene Moonsamy (South African former Member of Parliament and founder of the Women’s Justice Foundation, on COVID-19 related domestic violence, abuse and fightback + global struggle against colonialism).

Matt Meyer is a New York City–based educator, organizer, and author who serves as War Resisters’ International Africa Support Network Coordinator, and who represents the International Peace Research Association at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. A former draft registration resister, Meyer’s extensive human rights work has included support for all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, solidarity with Puerto Rico and the Black Liberation Movement, and board membership on the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute.

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