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The Global Economy, Climate Change, and Covid 19— Richard Walker on Against the Grain

By Sasha Lilley
Against the Grain, KPFA
April 22nd, 2020

Two historic global economic contractions almost within a decade of each other would have been hard to fathom, if we weren’t living through them. Marxist geographer Richard Walker examines the shape of the United States and world economies during the coronavirus. He also discusses the effects of the crisis on the fossil fuel industry and the prospects for shutting it down permanently.

Richard Walker is author of Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sasha Lilley is a writer and radio broadcaster. She is the co-founder and host of the critically acclaimed program of radical ideas, Against the Grain. As program director of KPFA Radio, the flagship station of the Pacifica Network, she headed up such award-winning national broadcasts as Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. Sasha Lilley is the series editor of PM Press’s political economy imprint, Spectre.

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