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GoLocalProv News Team

Former RI Director of Health, Dr. Michael Fine The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most serious health challenges facing the world and Rhode Islanders.

Dr. Michael Fine joins GoLocal LIVE daily starting Monday, March 9th to offer critical updates and offer his expertise for best practices.

Fine is a leading public health doctor, former director of Rhode Island Department of Health and an author.

“We are pleased to have Dr. Fine join our coverage of this critical public health issue. To date, we have been able to bring viewers and readers critical insights from top researchers at Brown University — Dr. Selim Suner, Dr. Kate Mason, and Dr. Phil Chan,” said Josh Fenton, CEO and co-founder of GoLocalProv. 

“Rhode Islanders deserve the most critical up to date information so they can make decisions about the families, their workplace and their personal health,” said Fenton.

In addition, top experts from Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical will continue to provide updates and explore critical trends and research on the virus.

GoLocal LIVE can be watched on, on Facebook LIVE, on YouTube LIVE, on Livestream and on the YouTube Channel on Fios.

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Michael Fine, MD, is a writer, community organizer, and family physician. He is the chief health strategist for the City of Central Falls, RI, and Senior Clinical and Population Health Services Officer for Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, Inc., and recipient of many awards and prizes for his pioneering work bringing together public health and primary medical care. He was director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, 2011–2015.

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