All We Have Is Each Other

Coronavirus— By Peter Marshall

By Peter Marshall
Originally posted on
March 18th, 2020

The virus seems to be on most people’s minds for the time being and no one can be certain where it will lead us. The world’s capitalist economies are in free fall (good at least for the planet and climate change, especially as there is less carbon dioxide and particle pollution around). Many are panic-buying food and paper, only thinking of themselves and their immediate families. Workers, unless essential, have been asked to not turn up while parents are having to look after their children at home. Governments grow less relevant (if they weren’t already) and even free-marketeers are advocating increased state interference in the economy. There is a danger that the whole of society becomes an open prison as states suspend civil liberties and police and army roam the streets.

Now though is the time to practice mutual aid, to help others, to share equally the good things of the earth, and not rely on distant authorities and powers in charge.The elderly stuck at home, the homeless in the streets, the prisoners without freedom are particularly at risk. Think globally and act locally, now more than ever.

Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

Peter Marshall is a philosopher, historian, biographer, travel writer and poet. He has written fifteen highly acclaimed books which are being translated into fourteen different languages. His circumnavigation of Africa was made into a 6-part TV series and his voyage around Ireland into a BBC Radio series. He has written articles and reviews for many national newspapers and journals.

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