Bodies and Barriers— the Book You Need in New York Q News

By Sherri Rase
New York Q News
January 7th, 2020

Adrian Shanker’s book “Bodies and Barriers–Queer Activists on Health” is launching in January 2020 and everyone should have a copy. A bit like an owner’s manual for LGBTQIA+ people, who at some point will all need health care and those who provide it, this book is sectioned as we are–Youth, Young Adults, Middle-Aged Adults, and Elder Adults. For those of us who are activists, this book has been a long time coming. The table of contents reads like a Who’s Who(m) of Activism–Shanker has assembled a highly qualified group of essays that he has both contributed to and edited.

Consider how power and privilege play into health care and it won’t take long to determine who the most vulnerable folks are in our current system. Whether we are the recipient of the health care or allies to someone who needs it, how do we ask the right questions? How do we find the providers who will be friendly to those questions, who will be friendly in their manner and care? How do we find those who transcend “friendly” to become the platinum standard of “welcoming?”

Allies are everywhere and many health care providers want to work with our community. For those who have the privilege of health care and independent transportation, we have the luxury of traveling, if there are no local providers. But what about folks who do not and cannot leave their local area? Shanker’s book provides an excellent desk reference for activists, but also for those who remember when we were all “Gay” and not out, when we were not a demographic about whom everyone knew someone–those who consider themselves neither queer, nor activist. This book is for those folks too. PS Once you begin, you will want to read it cover to cover.

How do you get your copy? Check out for venues for purchase and the book tour kicking off in January. Get it, read it, gift it. It’s the first book of the new decade that is a must-have, so get yours today.

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