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VT SEA Annual Conference in Killington, VT

By Sam Mayfield

Great screening today at the Vermont State Employee Association annual conference in Killington, VT.

We screened the film, had a quick 15-20 minute Q and A and then the audience broke into working groups tasked with answering two questions:
    1.    Do you think collective bargaining could be taken away in Vermont?
    2.    What do you think we need to do in order to avoid a “Wisconsin” from happening in Vermont?

These are some of the responses I recorded during the report back:

  • Education – Re-educate members (of VTSEA) and citizens about labor history
  • Create public service announcements about unions and collective bargaining with the help of community access television stations
  • Engage in grassroots organizing because electoral politics are corrupt
  • Attend Trouble Maker schools
  • Show Wisconsin Rising throughout the state

It is a little magical seeing people organizing themselves in response to the lessons learned from the uprising in Wisconsin.

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