A Review of Abe in Arms

Abe in Arms

Category:  Contemporary
Age Recommendation:  Grades 9+
Rating:  5 Stars

By Joan Stradling

After surviving the wars in Liberia, Abe has been adopted by a doctor and his family in America. Though therapy helped him deal with the loss of his family and helped him accept his new life, there are deeper
memories of his life in Africa threatening to surface. Memories that could destroy him and everything he’s come to love.

Though he’s a high school track star, Abe has to stop running and face his past in order to move forward with his new life. But will his past catch up with him before he’s ready?

Abe in Arms amazed me. In spite of the horrors of child soldiers, war, and struggles to come to terms
with who he is and where he came from, Abe is easy to relate to. I found myself turning the pages without realizing I was even doing it. The story drew me in and kept me mesmerized as I learned more about Abe and his life.

This isn’t the type of story I would normally read; I’m much more into fantasy and lighthearted fun.

However, the truth of Abe’s experiences in a war-torn country, and the struggles he faces as he deals with memories he’d much rather forget, compelled me to keep reading until I couldn’t help falling in love with Abe in Arms.

This eye-opening novel is a must-read! I don’t often want to pick up a book and read it again, but I have a feeling I’ll be opening Abe in Arms again in the near future.

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