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On Rumors, Governments, and Mouthpieces: The Case of Brandon Darby, Grand Juries, and Our Movements

“Rumors of war, rumors of war…everywhere I go “

Gary Clail & the On-u Sound System

By scott crow

Casting a shadow doubt

Comrades, friends and allies we need to be vigilant about rumors, and conjecture. They are so often damaging to individuals and communities you may have no direct connection with. Not to sound like a broken record stuck on a bad song.

The needle drops…Rumors are damaging…click…rumors are  damaging…click…scratch and pop.

The corporate media article published about Brandon Darby is an absolute COINTELPRO lie. I know that sounds defensive. I don’t mean that in a rhetorical sense, it is simply an untrue story from ‘unknown sources’.

If we as movements don’t generally trust governments and the corporate media daily then why do we all of the sudden sing a different song now? Don’t believe the hype, support your comrades and remember: How can you tell the Feds are lying? Their lips are moving.

It is up to all of us to watch out for each other. Rumors, Conjecture and Innuendo are way more damaging than most anything we face as movements.We can be our own worst enemies and our own best comrades.

Those who assume power know that if they can drive a small wedge–cast just a shadow of doubt—then we (or any target of theirs on this soil or far away) will do this rest.  I say let them prove their cases, and let’s not do the work for them.

Ask questions and think critically before we swallow what they spoon feed us.

We should cast a shadow of doubt upon anything they say.

Deep in the Heart of texas

All of the people who rode in the van together have been subpoenaed for grand juries—our legal version of modern day witch hunts. The state packed all of their fishing gear, and are embarking on a large fishing expedition.  If they catch something great, but if they damage and disrupt our focus for real justice and real democracy then even better for them.  They win either way.

If the state can create a climate of distrust between all the people who have been grand juried from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest then they hope someone will give them something to sink their rotten teeth into.

I think it is safe to say that people involved are very concerned at the least—who wouldn’t be.  That is why we need to circle the wagons: listen and remember who we are and what our comrades have done—not what the government and their mouth pieces allege.


I stand by Brandon Darby and all of those under grand juries from Texas right now and our broader communities. I have known him for years.  I know his grandmother, his mom and his friends. 

There are two lies at play now.  One is the obfuscation of an informant from Texas who may or may not exist and two on who Brandon Darby is or isn’t.

Some of this information comes from documents gathered by one of the parents of defendants in jail who hired a terrible private investigator. All of the docs are for a W. Brandon Darby NOT Brandon Michael Darby (of Common Ground)

All of the information in the documents is shocking: child pornography, working for homeland security, working for INS all of it is absolutely shocking.

They did a great job of gathering basic web information.

But the Kafkaesque reality is that it is all about WRONG Brandon Darby.

The ‘informant’ in the PI’s docs is in prison now and has been for OVER A YEAR. He has a different birth date and operated in Mississippi and Alabama and is older than Brandon here in Austin.

See the Bureau Of Prisons own site for the guy in prison :

Brandon Darby didn’t even know these document existed until he was told
after the inflammatory article came out, although they have circulated for almost a week before hand.

And the second Kafka reality emerged after speaking extensively with the reporter David Hanners myself. I found the ‘unnamed source’ for his piece was the government. So one of two things could have happened, they took the information from the PI (or helped him with it) or he (David) was not telling me the truth. He told me he had the documents I referred to above. In the court documents he cited to me, NONE of them list Brandon Darby they only list a ‘person’ with a code name of ‘Brandon’.  

He himself made the jump and said it was Brandon Darby.

So who is lying the Feds? the writer?  I cast a shadow of doubt on eithers words.

David Hanners probably knew this information was wrong and still printed it anyway.  Is that journalism or being a mouth piece?

If Brandon was conning me, and many others, it would be the biggest lie of my life since I found out the truth about Santa Clause as a child.  It is absurd.

Unfortunately we won’t know the sources until all of the court room drama settles and the Freedom Of Information Act is used.

Liars and those who lie

Let’s talk about informants for a moment.  Usually—ok always—when an informant is turning information the state DOES NOT print their real name or use it as a code name in public documents for ‘safety reasons’.  Why would now be any different?  The informants code name is ‘Brandon’…hmmm it doesn’t smell right…

it is just too coincidental…but I speculate.

Secondly, you have to have motivations for turning information, usually but not always it is: monetary (you have a drug habit, or some other big financial need), because you are in a compromised situation (you have been arrested for something else and trying to get a reduced sentence), or you are a whistle blower (either because you disagree in a case like this politically).  

Brandon Darby has NONE of those motivations!  NONE!  

He and I faced the cops with arms, ‘law enforcement’ (and some within our communities) view him as very antagonistic  towards the cops and all their flavors. 

This is serious shit for Brandon. He and others have been injured by this train wreck they call justice. As the grand juries loom, they sow the seeds of discontent, unfortunately they are bureaucrats and not farmers.

With all the issues people might have with Brandon, I stand beside him in this and I hope you will too.

I , lawyers and legal aid groups have seen the docs, they are sloppy and shoddy.  the Feds played right into the reporter by not denying or confirming it or by being the sources (according to him). That is classic old school COINTELPRO. Remember the war on the Black Panther Party,  the American Indian Movement and even Earth First!  ?

Don’t believe the hype.

So I am asking once again to please be vigilant about posts, comments related to this. It has been really damaging to Brandon, and potentially to Common Ground Relief, the Common Ground Clinic and people you have never met within Austin.

I will say it again. I stand by Brandon Darby.

Support your comrades under attack and believe in ourselves. Remember the deeds, actions and words of those around us and don’t let their fear seep in.

That is the wedge they want and need to make trumped up cases stand.

Don’t let those who assume power cast their puny shadows onto our worlds.

Our work is larger and more important than their jobs and the justifications for them.

They spent at least 50 million dollars to protect the ‘pomp and circumstance’ and  pageantry they called a convention a corrupt political system.  They now have to justify it to their bean counters and handlers.  Convictions of protesters and dissidents helps to justify and refill the coffers of ‘law and order’.  We need to continue to resist.

Support all defendants of the RNC ,  the Greenscare, as well as political prisoners.

For us these are the days…how we will we make them?

From the concrete jungle in the Gulf Coast Basin

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