Cook, Eat, Thrive in VegNews Magazine

Cook, Eat, Thrive: Vegan Recipes from Everyday to Exotic

VegNews Magazine
July/August 2012

First-time cookbook author Joy Tienzo makes the process of enjoying food blissfully simple with Cook, Eat, Thrive. In her short description of food language, she says, “Many cookbooks use words like ‘cheeze’ or ‘mylk.’ You won’t find that here. First, those words are silly. Significant movements don’t fuss with terms that merit ridicule.” And then she’s off and cooking. It’s easy to picture Tienzo as a modern day Julia Child, picking a dropped piece of seitan off the floor and calmly replacing it on the serving platter with a fresh one. Channeling The French Chef a bit further, Tienzo takes classic recipes and occasionally dolls them up a bit. Her recipe for Tofu Brouillé-a scramble made silkier with the addition of vegan yogurt-will have you asking for more, tout de suite. Tienzo tackles dishes that might make other cooks quiver in their whites, such as a veganized version of Puerto Rican Mofongo and Sage-Ricotta Gnocchi. Lavender Rice Pudding Brulée with Blueberries? There might be no finer way to finish a meal. From simple dishes such as Strawberry Spinach Salad to complicated culinary treats (think Caramel Almond Bread Pudding), Tienzo makes vegan cooking accessible and engaging. Fingers crossed for a second course (and by “course,” we definitely mean book!).

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