Snitch World: A Mystery People Magazine Review

Snitch World

by Radmila May
Mystery People Magazine
Volume 3, Issue 3 pp. 19

The protagonist Klinger (no first name), an unsuccessful petty crook is, after a failed smash-and -grab raid, down-and-out. But then he picks a pocket and this brngs him into contact with the new San Francisco world of criminal information technology where all that is needed to carry out a heist is a couple of taps on a smartphone. His old mates left behind, his new friends are a computer whiz-kid and the dangerously beautiful Marci. But can they be trusted? In an ending of tragic irony which demonstrates the writer‘s command of formal narrative structure, Klinger realises that the smash-and-grab raid, which he had forgotten about, may well be his undoing.

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