Damnificados: A Library Journal Review


by Portia Kapraun
Library Journal

January 2016

Crippled Nacho Morales leads a group of misfits and outcasts in taking over an abandoned skyscraper in an unnamed Latin American city. Assisted by lifelong friend the Chinaman, who is as big and strong as he is small and puny, Nacho defends their hold on the building against a variety of gangs, military forces, and corrupt politicians. Throughout their struggles, the people begin to forge a life out of a land best known for the bloody Trash Wars that took place years before. Soon the occupants have established a successful bakery, beauty salon, schools, and other businesses within the building.

VERDICT Inspired by the 2007 occupation of a skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela, Wilson’s debut novel of magic realism is a modern retelling of the classic hero’s journey, complete with a two-headed beast, a flood of biblical proportion, miraculous healing, and deus ex machina. The author’s elegant language makes even the darkest of situations beautiful. Sure to attract readers who enjoy a touch of magic mixed in with their tales of social justice.

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