Dave Chase reviews On Medicine as Colonialism

By Dave Chase

Michael Fine, MD recently published a must read new book: “On Medicine as Colonialism” that challenges the core of what we believe about our healthcare system. 🏥💡 Dr. Fine reveals a startling truth: our healthcare isn’t primarily about health—it’s about wealth extraction, powered by colonialist tactics. This book dives into how healthcare practices have morphed into mechanisms for siphoning community wealth, impacting not just healthcare choices but the very fabric of our society, including education and community welfare. With a staggering $1 to $2 trillion wasted annually, imagine the possibilities for our communities if those funds were redirected. From unnecessary spending to the profound consequences of health insurance and hospital operations, Fine critically examines the systemic flaws that plague our healthcare. The pandemic has only magnified these issues, exposing a system that prioritizes profit over people. Fine argues for a radical overhaul through community-driven healthcare reform—akin to the greatest social movements of our history. Are you ready for a healthcare system that truly cares for all Americans, cradle to grave? Dive into Dr. Fine’s compelling argument for a seismic shift in “On Medicine as Colonialism.” Let’s discuss how we can reclaim our health sovereignty. For good reason, Dr. Fine hosted a webinar earlier this week with Bryce Heinbaugh, MBA – Healthcare Trailblazer who is helping his community reestablish health sovereignty while simultaneously overcoming their medical desert status (along with a multitude of social determinant of health challenges). 🌍💚

Health Care Revolt: How to Organize, Build a Health Care System, and Resuscitate Democracy—All at the Same Time