‘When Miners March’ in the WV Gazette

When Miners March

By Steve Fesenmaier
The Charleston Gazette
May 26, 2010

In the history of WV, there are few books that can compare to William C. Blizzard’s “When Miners March.” Blizzard for interviewed for local films and for the History Channel’s two-hour epic, “The Real Hillbilly.” Kelley Thompson made a great documentary about him called “Remembering William C. Blizzard” and interviewed him for his great film about the Widen Coal Strike.

Blizzard  presented his book many times during the decade before his death in December 2009. Now, thanks to Wess Harris, who discovered the “lost son of Bill Blizzard,” literally saving him from a lonely retirement in an old mobile home, he published his book in 2006 and has sold thousands of copies of the best book about the WV Mine Wars.

Below is a short press release about a new updated version of the book that is also a great “audio movie” made by MountainWhispers’ Ross Ballard III.

For Immediate Release: Appalachian Community Services is pleased to announce the pre-market release of the PM PRESS edition of WHEN MINERS MARCH. Initial sales will be at the Vandalia Gathering this week-end at the Capitol. In addition to this greatly expanded edition, the restored
one pounder(two pounder) used by coal operators against striking miners living in tents in Matewan in 1920 will be on display. The antique artillery piece no longer is used to kill defenseless women and children but it is not retired. It now sees action blowing apart lies told about our Union history. Stop by and tell stories from your family’s history. Many artifacts from the Battle of Blair Mountain and the state treason trials will also be on display.

For further information contact: Wess Harris, 304, 927-5333 or
 flatridge at

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