Books For Kids: 14 Fantastic Gender-Positive Books

Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book

By Lyndsay Kirkham
The Huffington Post
May 4th, 2015

For most kids, reading is right up there with magic. Through books, children are handed keys to new worlds and are introduced to unknown people and customs. Stories allow our children to explore different emotions and situations, all while building literacy skills — as parents, what more could we ask for?

One area where books are particularly useful is in helping our kids deconstruct gender stereotypes. Through books they can explore characters who, perhaps like them, don’t fit into the mould of “girl” or “boy.”

These award-winning books are fabulous for disrupting the norm, while still offering our kids fantastically fun characters and narratives, helping them connect to the message that it is always OK to be exactly who they are — no matter what anyone says. Photo gallery 14 Fantastic Gender-Positive Books See Gallery

The great thing about books is that they can be a part of your child’s life from infancy. Don’t hesitate to read picture books to babies as it will help instill a love of reading from the earliest age.

Share these stories with your kids, no matter where they fall in the gender spectrum, because even if we aren’t raising kids who fall outside the norms, we all want to raise kids who will grow up to support and advocate for everyone — no matter what kind of prince or princess they decide to be.

#13 Girls are Not Chicks:

Girls Are Not Chicks is a fabulous colouring book that playfully explores many female stereotypes in age appropriate ways. A perfectly fun gift for any girl (or boy).

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