7 Grown-Up Coloring Books That Will Keep You Busy This Winter

Bust Magazine
December 2016

Remember how stoked you’d get on the scent of Crayolas, or how happy cracking open a brand-new coloring book could make you feel? Well, it’s time to revisit this pastime of yore. Whether you want to indulge your OCD tendencies by penciling in a complex pattern, or simply zone out for a bit with a meditative marker sesh, there are now tons of coloring books out there designed for adults to enjoy. Dawn Finley, who hosts a monthly coloring event at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, shared 5 of her favorite titles for tinting, and we added a couple of our own.

For the out and proud: Artist Jacinta Bunnell collaborated with illustrator Leela Corman on the good-humored, The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book.

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