Jeremy Brecher Interviewed on Working Class History

Memphis sanitation strike

The first in a series of episodes we will be producing about the Vietnam war. Here we talk to historian and author of Strike! Jeremy Brecher about the strike wave which swept the United States during the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 70s.

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– Vietnam war – this is a short history:
– Montgomery bus boycott – this is a short account:
– This is an informative pamphlet about the struggles at the Lordstown plant:
– Jeremy and Tim Costello’s book which was the result of these interviews, Common Sense for Hard Times, is online here: You can also purchase it here:
– 1970 postal workers wildcat strike:…1970-jeremy-brecher
– 1970 Teamsters wildcat strike:…1970-jeremy-brecher
– 1969 black lung strike – more info here:…am-cleaver-zerowork
– 1968 Chicago transport workers wildcat strike – more info here:
– 1968 Memphis sanitation strike:
– 1973 meat boycott: more info about this in Common Sense, page 110, link above
– General Motors strike:…1970-jeremy-brecher
This episode was edited by Emma Courtland:
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Strike! Revised and Expanded

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