This is Not a Photo Opportunity in Library Journal

This Is Not a Photo Opportunity: The Street Art of Banksy

By Rachael Dreyer
Library Journal
April 1st, 2015

Photographer and curator Bull’s collection of Banksy’s works might be the closest thing to a retrospective on one street artist’s work. Since the medium is often completed in public spaces and occupies a precarious position on the spectrum of legality, it can be difficult to experience the full oeuvre of a particular artist. Enter Bull, who has led walking tours of Banksy’s pieces and has produced several DIY compilations of Banksy’s art previously. Bull has categorized his photographs of the artist’s pieces according to their themes—political messages, social commentary, or lighthearted visual gags. Whatever your take on street art, Bull provides a solid introduction to Banksy’s work. His curation of the pieces covers ground from 1996–2014, illustrating the evolution of the creator’s style, and gives ample fodder for readers to consider the question, “defacement or art?” ­

VERDICT Readers who have watched Exit Through the Gift Shop will discover this book provides additional perspectives on the work of the venerated artist. Students of graphic design will also find the composition of these pieces refreshing.

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