Locations and Tours Volume 1: A Trust Magazine Revieew

Banksy Location and Tours: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London, England

Trust Magazine
August 2009

This is a great pocket sized (17×12,5 cm) book about the Bristol artist Banksy – if you have never heard about this great street artist you better go and check or go to the Bristol Museum. He is really good, with fantastic ideas and has a message. Anyway, dont want to write about the guy and his work, but about the book. It shows you 3 different tours thru London (where a lot of his work appears) with a photo of the work (at the time) a short description of the work (without intellectualizing it) and where it is located and the Gps code, to be sure also the navi-generation can find it. Of course by the time you go there, a lot of the art might be gone, since it is street art, but at least you can stand there and imagine „here it was“. But if you dont use the book as a guide. It is also good fun to „walk“ thru it on the sofa, see 65 detailed graffiti locations with over 100 colour photographs (mostly by Banksy, but also some by Eine, Faile, El Chivo and a few more). Good idea and it came out really nice. Including some restaurant/bar tips. Definitly a special city guide. 10% of the authors royalities will be donated to the „Big Issue Foundation“. US $ 20.- (dolf)

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