Banksy Locations and Tours Volume 2: A Trust Magazine Review

Banksy Locations and Tours Volume 2: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs from around the UK

By Dolf Hermannstädter
Trust Magazine

The first volume has been reviewed in Trust # 137 in the year 2009, what has been said there can be said here… “This is a great pocket sized (17Å~12,5 cm) book about the Bristol artist Banksy – if you have never heard about this great street artist you better go and check or go to the Bristol Museum.” The second volume was great fun to read and look at. Bull is a real fan of Banksy and is almost always on top of things regarding Banksy, well, mostly his art. The book features 58 detailed (postcode and approximate map/GPS references) graffiti locations in London, Bristol and Brighton. You get to see tons of Banksys great, great art accompanied with background knowledge from Martin Bull. Find out about the “war” going on between Robo and Banksy (old school street writer vs stencil artist), what happened to Banksys art after he got so super popular that people started even to steal walls to have his art, or to sell it. One would think it is not interesting to “write” in a street art book, but Bull proofs it can be done with all his well researched amazing stories. Still a great idea and it came again out great. 12% of the authors royalties will be donated to three charitable organizations.

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