Drawn to New York reviewed in The New York Journal of Books

Drawn to New York: An Illustrated Chronicle of Three Decades in New York City

by Mark Squirek
New York Journal of Books
July 2013

“. . . a story of home, life, people and ideas that you will return to often.”

Working in a variety of formats from watercolor to ink to paint, collage and pencils, Peter Kuper creates a deep, brilliant, beautiful, and colorful history of his time in New York City. The stories ring with humor, insight and tragedy.

On one page he speaks of both the abandoned and the well-off while on the next page addresses a dancing and a street fair. The wide variety of the city is perfectly captured on every page.

As an artist and writer Mr. Kuper’s ability to shift shapes and perspective, often within the same story, is amazing….

Mark Squirek has written for Comic Book Marketplace, Comics and Games Weekly, Hogan’s Alley, and other magazines, including book reviews for the weekly email newsletter Scoop. He has also published several short stories in the pulp fiction genre for Pro-Se Press. In 2006 Broadway World named him Playwright of the Year for his one-act play, SOD.

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