Signal:04 in Library Journal

By Michael Dashkin
Library Journal
May 2015

Signal is a serial publication from PM Press that showcases vivid and expressive works of graphic design from international activist movements and liberation struggles, some historical, some current. The latest issue includes creations from Palestine, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, the United States, and Canada. Interviews with designers discuss their desire to create as not simply an adjunct to politics but rather an eloquent and energetic force equal to other forms of activism. The affordable pocketbook format perfectly complements the subject. Editors Dunn (illustrator, printer, nurse, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative) and MacPhee (Interference Archive, Celebrate People’s History Poster Series) make the most of that layout: the reproductions of posters, flyers, murals, and magazine and book covers are clean and clear, with attractive spreads and color reproductions.
Verdict Offering these graphics to generations far beyond their original audiences, this title is recommended for designers, activists, archivists, and scholars studying protest movements.

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